Unitymedia ping stats

This started by asking myself how consistent is Unitymedia’s internet connection in terms of latency. So if I ping servers on the internet is the response time more or less the same over time? Surely not only Unitymedia is a factor but could be that also the server or host has been relocated for example.

I started by collecting ping data measured every five minutes or so, with three measurement and taking the mean ping response time. The timescale is from about march until now (October). I choose different hosts which are located in Germany (super close) or further away.

One can not conclude too much directly about Unitymedia and it’s network quality from this data since there are many other factors influencing as well. Anyhow I believe the spikes in early April (long response times) are mainly due to Unitymedia service as was seen in all hosts tested.

Anyway this was also mainly an exercise for collecting data, processing and presenting.

Response time in ms from a host in Germany (using the Unitymedia provider) to several other arbitrary hosts during March to October 2019.