Selected publications:

  • Deconvolution of sarcoma methylomes reveals varying degrees of immune cell infiltrates with association to genomic aberrations.

          Simon M, ..., Imbusch CD. 2021 Journal of Translational Medicine

  • Single-cell chromatin accessibility landscape identifies tissue repair program in human regulatory T cells.

          Delacher*, Simon*, ... , Imbusch CD, Feuerer M. 2021 Immunity

  • Aggressive PDACs Show Hypomethylation of Repetitive Elements and the Execution of an Intrinsic IFN Program Linked to a Ductal Cell of Origin.

          Espinet E*, Gu Z*, Imbusch CD*, et al. 2021 Cancer Discovery

  • Identification of tissue regulatory T cell precursors in lymphoid organs.

         Delacher M*, Imbusch CD*, et al. 2020 Immunity

  • Generation of Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing Libraries from Very Low DNA Input.

         Weichenhan D, Imbusch CD, et al. 2019 Methods in Molecular Biology

  • Genome-wide DNA methylation landscape defines specialization of regulatory T cells in tissues.

         Delacher M*, Imbusch CD*, et al. 2017 Nature Immunology

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