Work Experience


Teamleader for Computational Oncoimmunology at DKFZ

The main focus of our team is on the downstream analysis of various single cell assays such as: scRNA-seq, scATAC-seq, scTCR-seq, CITE-seq and other technologies in health and disease systems. We seek to robustly identify and describe cell populations to aid basic research and enable clinical translation. In addition we apply deconvolution methods to combine bulk epigenetic and transcriptomic with single cell data.

03/2017 - 07/2018

Consultant at GeneWerk GmbH

Development of improved bioinformatics workflow for viral integration site detection.

05/2016 - 08/2017

Consultant at BioMedX Institute

Consultant for bioinformatics analysis for Team: Epigenetics and COPD (Dr. Renata Jurkowska)

01/2014 - 01/2017

Bioinformatician at Division of Applied Bioinformatics at DKFZ

Analysis of NGS data, method developement to distinguish 'Driver' and 'Passenger' mutations in cancer

04/2012 - 12/2013

Data Engineer at Data Management Group at DKFZ

Management and submission of German ICGC project results

Deployment and curation of a local cBio instance

06/2011 - 03/2012

Junior Consultant at Intershop Communications

Developing of new visualization for Customer Information Center (CIC), R&D for data migration based on Oracle.

09/2010 - 05/2011

Scientific Assistant at Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology

Data management using Biomart within the department of Entomology.

Skills & Expertise


Programming: Python, R, Java, Bash

Databases: SQL (PostgreSQL)
Workflow systems: Snakemake

NGS assays: scRNA-seq, scATAC-seq, scTCR, CITE-seq, (T)WGBS, WGS/WES, RNA-seq, 450k, EPIC array

OS: Linux, macOS

Virtualization: Docker, Singularity
Version control: Git, Mercurial, SVN


Teamleader: Supervising PhD, Master, Bachelor students as well as internships
Projects: Mangement of project aspects within DEEP, de.NBI, ICGC, Pancan, EUCANcan


02/2017 - 05/2019

Heidelberg University

PhD at Divison of Applied Bioinformatics / DKFZ (Prof. Benedikt Brors)

Title: "Epigenetic and transcriptomic characterization of tissue resident regulatory T cells"


Jena University

Diplom at Department of Entomology / Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology (Prof. David G. Heckel)

Title: "Homology-guided improvement of DNA sequence assembly"

10/2004 - 06/2010

Jena University


Bioinformatics studies